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    Taihe Hospital (original name was People’s Hospital of Yunyang District) is located in Shiyan City, the water source of the Mid-line Project of "South-North Water Diversion" Project and a commercial automobile industry city known as “Oriental Detroit” under the foot of Wudang Mountain which is known as the holy land of Taoism and listed in the world cultural heritage. Taihe Hospital has grown into an innovative major comprehensive hospital of top grade in china integrating medical care, medical teaching and research, preventive medicine, health care, first aid, rehabilitation, medical training and ect. It is acknowledged as state resident physician training base and state general practitioner


    ?The Hospital has been very supportive of its staff’s scientific researches and the application of their innovations. Over 230 scientific research achievements had been given credibility by authority. Over 180 scientific research achievements had won Prizes for Progress in Science and Technology given by Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Hubei Province and Shiyan City respectively. 12 projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China have been conducted in the hospital.

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    ? ? Taihe Hospital is the affiliated hospital and the first clinical college of Hubei University of Medicine. It has been undertaking the teaching tasks since the foundation of the university, and has cultivatednursing, medical imaging, pharmacy, medical laboratory science, general medicine and other majors.The teaching is in two-fold: undergraduate and postgraduate.The former includes clinical...

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    ? ?Taihe hospital is aiming at building a collectivized, international and informationized hospital since the 12th Five-Year Plan. It has sent out more than 600 experts to the developed countries such as US and UK based on its "100 Outstanding Talents Program". Meanwhile, it has also carried out extensive cooperation with the first-class hospitals in the world, including Singapore General Hosp...

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    Taihe Hospital keeps refining the administrative model and enhancing the development of medical associations and health service industry. It has been managing Reming Hospital of Yunyang District and Reming Hospital of Shennongjia Forest District and merged

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