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    Research Institutes

    The scientific research platform of Taihe Hospital occupies more than 4000m2, has 53 full-time scientific researchers, and costs more than 100 million CNY on the instruments and equipment. By the end of 2020, it has one central laboratory and seven public research platforms, namely, the Institute of Life Science, the Institute of Biomedicine, the Institute of Infection and Immune Diseases, the Wudang Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Institute of Anesthesia and Pain, the Research Center of Precision Medicine and Evidence-Based medicine. In addition, there have 5 specialized research institutes, which are the Institute of Brain Science, the Institute of Neurosurgical Diseases, the Institute of Neurological Diseases, the Laboratory of Wound Repair and Skin Surgery, and the Institute of Pediatric Diseases. These institutes have double roles, i.e., undertaking the basic scientific research and providing public services to the entire hospital, e.g., training clinical researchers and postgraduates, supervising projects, delivering experimental technologies, etc.